This is system suitable for those companies or NGOs who provide services to their customer. For example this is suitable for those companies or education centre to manage their student records, arrangement for their resources, helping in handling the payment process and also generate report for operation and management analysis.

It is also suitable for those NGOs to manage their services and also analysis the information as per SWD request. It can assist NGOs to provide their professional services in different areas to their members. It can help them to manage the movement of members like membership, services provided and services used by members. It can also help NGOs to issue invoice and save the payment record in order to handle the complete process of services delivered to members.

Documenting can help company to have better management of membership. User/Staff need to login to the system in order to perform any operation to the system, administrator can authorizethe accessibility of different user and manage for the system.

Six modules of Course and Services Management System


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