In this several years, the Information Science and Technology development grow rapidly in the astonishing speed. More obviously, Information Science and Technology built inseparable connection with the commercial flow.


Not only but the mostly middle and small-scale companies in Hong Kong has not been able to find mercy in these innovation of science and technology and experiences its evil personally instead.

Some companies who try to adapt the new IT Technology get a very bad experience with due with vendor, accomplish with their current operation and working with their Internal colleagues. It is because they do not have enough manpower and experience to due with this complicate issue.

Therefore, we specialize in providing “one-stop solution” for our clients in computer system development and hardware maintenance. Increasing your competitive advantage in the business world by latest IT technology is what we aiming for.

To possess better resource allocation, we’re willing to act as outsourced team for our clients who do not have their internal IT department. In another way, we can also cooperate with the internal IT department to increase their work force or providing solution for the company.

What’s more, our professional team was established at 2006. We positively contributed to the numerous large commercial sessions, government sessions, non-profitable organizations, and educational institutions in Hong Kong. 

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